In the last four years alone, Magic City has attracted a diverse array of businesses, makers, innovators, entrepreneurs, artists and their respective patrons who are a dynamic and growing populace that spans all demographic and industry backgrounds.

With every new storefront and new business opening, every painted mural and public art display, with every community event, we are witnessing a transformation. Inspired by the success of other art-centric districts in Miami with the addition of new tech visionaries and world-class entertainment productions, the community exhibits the very fibers necessary to build a new urban community that will be a model for innovative real estate development worldwide.


Preserving and celebrating the thriving Caribbean culture of Little Haiti and the surrounding neighborhoods has been a foremost priority throughout the development of Magic City.

In the process, our team has had an active role participating in the local community, working alongside organizations that have been serving the Little Haiti population for decades. To date, our Foundation provides support and assistance to the local programs below:

  • Sounds of Little Haiti
  • Security Training for residents of Little Haiti
  • Little Haiti Football Club
  • Notre Dame D-Haiti Catholic Church
  • Hurricane Maria Caribbean Relief Effort
  • Small Business Training Program

Additionally, our Foundation is working to create a Grant Program to help businesses in Little Haiti that may need immediate assistance.

Our team has been working with institutions and community leaders to ensure that each proposal embraces the rich culture that has been thriving in Little Haiti for decades. We will continue to identify partnerships and opportunities that align with our Foundation’s mission to galvanize existing networks in Little Haiti and facilitate their growth and cultural prosperity.